22 January 2018

Leopard-spotted Ginkgos

The Glamorgan Fungus Group Facebook pages recently highlighted the occurrence of the small and easily overlooked fungus Bartheletia paradoxa, which occurs on fallen leaves of the Maidenhair-tree Ginkgo biloba. As we happened to be 'sort of passing' a tree I remembered seeing in Swansea Univerity Botanic Gardens, I couldn’t resist stopping to gather a few leaves in  yesterday's downpour. Back home, once dried out, many leaves displayed an attractive leopard-spotted pattern with associated tiny fruiting bodies. 
In addition to the university tree I have only ever recorded the three other trees in the Swansea area:
Singleton Park (2.22m gbh) SS6313192143
Singleton Park (2.02m gbh) SS6294992415
St James Gardens, Swansea SS643930
If anyone knows of additonal Maidenhair-trees in our area, please do let me know and/or check for this fungus.


Charles Hipkin said...

There is probably a Gingko in Margam Park, but I don't know for sure.

Mick Fordy said...

We've got one in our garden

Barry Stewart said...

Have you checked the leaves Mick, or are you a tidy gardener!

Mick Fordy said...

Joyce sent some photographs a couple of days ago which see to show the spots. I should have mentioned that the garden is in Llanmadoc. I'm not even a gardener, far less a tidy one.